QRYO Cold water therapy

Our Ice Bath for cryotherapy by cold water immersion is designed to be transported and to operate independently in any environment. QRYO Portable Ice Bath is born out of the need of high-performing athletes to practice cryotherapy for physical recovery anywhere they are. We have designed our QRYO Portable Ice Bath to follow the athlete in all his transfers, including those by plane, and to be assembled, disassembled and transported by a single person.

The bath is connected by means of flexible hoses to a compact chiller. The chiller generates a recirculation of water in order to cool the water contained in the bath, until the required temperature is reached. Afterwards, the temperature is maintained by the chiller during the utilisation of the bath by the athletes. The chiller also purifies the water by injecting ozone directly in the circulation water, using the latest technologies in the field of water sanitation.

The size of our Ice Bath (900mm x 600mm, height 1000mm) allows two athletes to use it simultaneously. Due to its ease of assembly, it can be arranged in any internal space which is equipped only with power and water supplies.

The uniqueness of our QRYO Portable Ice Bath lies in its innovative technology and functional design. Each Ice Bath and chiller are tested at our facilities prior to delivery.

Prospekt Qryo Kaltwasser-Therapie
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