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Ein neues Tool für das propriozeptive Training - für   jedes Alter und  jede Sportart!

Die BioCup sind Halbkugeln aus hochwertigen Silikon von unterschiedlicher Härte und Farben, und wurden entwickelt,  um das neuromotorische System zu stimulieren. Dies ist ein entscheidendes Element für  die Kontrolle des Gleichgewichtes, welches wiederum bei Sportler sehr oft unter prekären  Bedingungen gerät   und somit die sportliche Performance   negativ beeinflusst. 


BIO-CUP, ein Patent von Dr. Testa Mauro, Biomechaniker der Italienischen Fussball-Nationalmannschaft







Proprioception is a crucial factor in the human movement and in its control. In every sport, proprioceptive work help to prevent injuries in ankle, knee and lower back area, and this is true especially in sports when there can be contacts with opponents, jumps and direction changes and consequently many different ankle and knee distortion trauma (for instance in soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.). For this reason, if we can increase the level of coordination and stimulate our motor cortex in brain area, we can be more effective and we can prevent injuries with different benefits for the athletes and their clubs.


Bio-Cups, half-spheres of different hardness and different colors, have been created to stimulate the neuro-motor system, a fundamental element in the control of the balance. Bio-cup can be used in different kind of exercises and are particular indicated with young athletes stimulating proprioception in foot and ankle area during the period of growth and motor learning.


Bio-Cups are a useful training tool for the foot and its fingers (especially the big toe because it plays an essential role in propulsive push in all sports where there is a contact of the foot with the ground, for the ankle but also for the control of the knee and all the muscles of the core. Versatile also because they can be arranged in many ways different in order to give to the athlete different proprioceptive stimulus between one foot and another.


But Bio-Cup are an important tool also for the hip or the pelvis. Every athlete and sports conditioning trainer recognize the importance of the core stability for a correct movement and everybody also know different exercises that help training this area of the body (crunch, plank, bridge, etc…).


Bio-Cups offer the possibility to increase the level of difficulty of some of these exercise and also permit to train the core stability using new different positions like that in which the athlete has the knee on the Bio-Cups with the trunk in vertical position in order to increase strength and control of the hip and muscle pelvis area. We can think also to a variation of the classic Plank exercise, that is a static exercise. But if we imagine the athlete performing, in any sport, the core muscles work alternately and never in a static way. For this reason, using Bio-Cups under the feet and elbows, we can create a new and alternative dynamic exercise that can exploit the inbalance of these points of support. In fact the scientific literature explains that activation of the abdominal and lumbar muscles is increased during the exercises that required activation of deltoid and gluteal muscles. More difficulty, more fatigue, more coordination, more benefits for every athetes.




Also for all Youth sport sectors Bio-Cup can be useful because for the kids who start to play sport it’s possible to transform these training tools also in a toy that can help them to make proprioception. In this way, training is funny!


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Ein neues Tool für das propriozeptive Training!

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Video: Prof. Giovanni Gandini



Biomechanic in Biomoove and in Italian National football teams, Figc., cycling , tennis, volley, basket, golf, etc.


Propioception part II. We can use an avatar to analyze test performance. Anything is under controll!


Biomechanic in Biomoove and in Italian National football teams, Figc., cycling , tennis, volley, basket, golf, etc.


Proprioception part III

Using our "Proprio test" with different protocol we can training our client/athlete or patient to recovery good motor control and balance.

Propioception is important in any sport, controlling better our body load and be more precise in movement is to increase performance, avoid injuries and save fatigue. Se testing our new protocoll of "Proprio test" in ExpoSport with Istitute of Sport Medicine (Turin) on 30 athletes from different disciplines using Biocup and FitLight. Thanks to this we have strong dynamic propioception taking time of the test and number of fail.

Proprioception is a crucial fact in the human movement and in its control.

Many article are published about of the importance of proprioception in ankle area but what about hip or pelvis? We are aware about importance of core stability, but what really means? Only strength or also proprioception and control in this area? 

We suggest an exercise with BIOCUP in which the athlete is on the knee with vertical trunk position to increase strength and control in hip and pelvis muscle area.

How we can transform an isometric exercise as Plank to involve more muscle motor unit close to sport dynamic movement? Can we add other exercises as bridge?

However, it is unknown which exercises elicit the greatest activation thereby maximizing strength and functional gains.

PURPOSE: To determine whether core exercises that require activation of the distal trunk muscles (deltoid and gluteal) elicit greater activation of primary trunk muscles in comparison to core exercises that only require activation of the primary trunk muscles.

RESULTS: Activation of the abdominal and lumbar muscles was greatest during the exercises that required activation of deltoid and gluteal muscles. For instance, the forearm plank variations required over two times the average activity of the rectus abdominus, external abdominal oblique, and lumbar erector spinae compared to a traditional trunk flexion and extension exercise (p = 0.02).

Core Exercises That Incorporate Distal Trunk Muscles Maximize Primary Trunk Muscle Activation

Gottschall, Jinger S.; Mills, Jackie; Hastings, Bryce

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2011 - Volume 43 - Issue 5 - p 396

The pelvis has many muscle insertions! Not only core



Is it possible to transform a tool for training in a toy to help kids to make proprioception? The answer is yes, we show you how is possible to transform Biocups in a play for kids. In this way training is funny!

My collegue Manuele Mazza and Manuele Tavella bought Biocup. With them they created several exercises. Injuries prevention pass throught this type of work. Why don't do it?

Biocups, How using in core exercises our tool?

We increase core activation and we increase propriocepion in shoulder area. Thanks to Myontec is possible to analyze gluteus, Qh and Ham activation. We can understand if athlete work more in left or right side and the relationship between anterior and posterior chain. It's true, we have not data about specific core muscle activation but considering synergism between the muscular system I believe this analysis could be interesting.

Mauro Testa 

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A work with Biocups and skate to improve stability and motor control. Often we need to give in rehabilitation the correct information to our muscle skeletal system.